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 Our School Library

The library is the knowledge hub of the school, in here students have classes, can assess books and use the school computers.
During breaks it also caters for students who come to catch up with their friends, or who want to sit and read a book, join in games or have some quiet time to themselves.
There are always bright colourful displays and events to keep students inspired and motivated.
The library hosts chess tournaments, reading challenges, murder mysteries and various competitions, and have a wonderful team of librarians to help both students and staff.

Student Librarians 2022

Zoe Roentgen – Yr 13 – Head Librarian
Josh Pearson – Yr 11
Teabo Norati – Yr 11
Daniel Richardson – Yr 11
Owen Winstanley – Yr 10
Lacee Collins – Yr 11
Fern Forth – Yr 10
Phoenix Kirkpatrick – Yr 10
Caitlin Hoy – Yr 9
Maddison Coleman – Yr 9
Sadie Blundell – Yr 9

Accessing the Library Portal from home.

Please click this linkto access the school library portal from home. This cannot be accessed if you are using the school WIFI or a school computer.




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