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This faculty incorporates English, Te Reo Mãori, Japanese and ESOL throughout Horowhenua College. Our aim is to encourage a lifelong interest in language and languages.
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The Languages Department at Horowhenua College is vibrant, creative and passionate about our students and the curriculum we deliver.  It is staffed by a blend of new and experienced teachers, ensuring a balance of both expertise and new ideas.  The faculty incorporates English, Te Reo Maori, Media Studies, Business Studies, Japanese and ESOL.  Our emphasis is on the skills required for success in education and the world beyond.  Within our classrooms we celebrate the many cultures and backgrounds that our students represent.  This is reflected in our learning programmes through our emphasis on student voice and culturally responsive and relational teaching and resources.

Our use of both internal and external assessment, ensures that all our students can enjoy success according to their individual abilities.  All our programmes are shared digitally with our learners and are carefully differentiated to ensure the greatest chances of success for all.

Language, Media Studies and Business Studies courses differ from English insomuch as they are optional subjects whereas English is compulsory right up to Year 12.  Scholarship English is also offered in partnership with the Level 3 English course.


The faculty uses six classrooms including the school Wharenui in its capacity as a teaching space. It also has the use of library facilities and computer rooms. English is also taught to the various Trades and Services Academies now operating within the college.


Year 13: English, English Scholarship, Media Studies, ESOL, Business Studies
Year 12: English, Media Studies, ESOL, Business Studies
Year 11: English, Japanese, Media Studies, ESOL, Business Studies
Year 9 & 10: English, Te Reo Maori, Tikanga and Japanese presented as part of the school-wide option system.

Extra Curricular Activities

Debating Society
Poetry Appreciation Society
Media Studies Club
Study Support Club


Claire McCormick – Head of Faculty, English, English Scholarship
Christopher Fearon – Assistant Head of Faculty, English
Jill Thomson – English, Media Studies
Nick Stachurski – English
Lucy Pearce – ESOL, English
Sharon Moerkerk – English
Chris Wilton – Rangatahi Ora, Maori/Tikanga
Julie Bolton – English
Gina Kelly – Business Studies, Media Studies
Louise Mattheus – Japanese
Dylan Kiriona – Te Reo Maori
John McElwee – English, SENCO
Nada El Hosseny – Japanese

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