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The Physical Education department seeks to provide quality learning through maximum participation of all students in a safe, positive and challenging environment.
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The Physical Education department seeks to provide quality learning through maximum participation of all students in a safe, positive and challenging environment. By learning through and about physical activity, students will develop skills, knowledge, motivation and a positive attitude to make good decisions that will contribute to the well-being of themselves, others and society. We promote learning about movement, participating and contributing to others in a fun learning environment.

Year 9 – 10

Students have 4 hours of Physical Education over two weeks covering a variety of activities that are both fun, enjoyable and challenging. Activities including Aquatics, Badminton, invasion games, Gymnastics, Athletics, fitness, tennis, softball and Fitness. Students also have 2 hours of Health over the two weeks, covering a range of topics that will help them to have safe, responsible and healthy choices.

Year 11 – 13

Physical Education is a fully accredited subject that offers an Achievement standards-based course. NCEA Level 1-3. Emphasis on learning through movement and the ability to analyse and critique movement to improve performance and total well-being. Our students examine the importance of physical activity in the lives of young New Zealanders and society.

Year 10 Outdoor Education

The year 10 course is designed to show the students what to expect if they take Outdoor education in the senior years and expose them to some different and challenging opportunities. It is very different from PE in term of activities. The year ten-course looks at a variety of themes in Outdoor education, specifically kayaking, tramping skills, indoor rock climbing, adventure-based learning and road cycling. These activities are the key areas of learning for year 11 Outdoor Education and develop further in years 12 and 13. We try to keep the course as practical as possible but some theory is required for safety and achieving learning outcomes.

Year 11 – 13 Outdoor Education

The senior course is working towards achieving credits whether in Unit standards or achievement standards. The units tend to be practically based. Essentially the main theme in the courses are similar they are sea kayaking, tramping, indoor rock climbing and some form of cycling. The school is extremely well equipped to teach Outdoor Education. We have an 11m high indoor rock wall, over 30 bikes,12 single sea kayaks, 3 doubles sea kayaks,20 river kayaks, an outdoor swimming pool and a shed full of tramping gear. The school is well placed geographically to use some of the wonderful natural resources in the Horowhenua region specifically the Tararua ranges, Manawatu River and local mountain bike tracks. We do use other locations around New Zealand for specific trips. The department is also extremely fortunate to have highly qualified staff that holds Nationally recognized qualifications in a number of key outdoor areas.


Melissa Signal- Head of Faculty
Hanchen Johnson
Marika Holloway
Madeline Beckley
Rebecca Davidson
James Gilroy
Brooke Hooper
Stephanie McKenzie
Vicki Wilton

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