Mathematics & Accounting

We have developed flexible courses aimed at maximising the potential of all our students and enabling access to chosen pathways.
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The Mathematics and Accounting Faculty at Horowhenua College has the objective of providing all students the opportunity to grow in confidence and to enable them to increase in knowledge and competency in Mathematics and Accounting. We try our best to help develop students’ passion through mathematics.¬† Our classes are designed to teach mathematics in a connected and collaborative-based model.


Courses on offer

  • Year 13: Calculus, Statistics, and Accounting
  • Year 12: Mathematics, Statistics, and Accounting
  • Year 11: Mathematics and Accounting
  • Year 9 & 10: Mathematics




  • Amy Huse – Head of Faculty
  • Tobias Meyer – Assistant Head of Faculty
  • Steve Marshall – Teacher in Charge of Accounting
  • Phillip Ferzli – Teacher
  • Bethany Nicolas – Teacher
  • Sue Staples – Teacher



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