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40 Hour Famine

17 July 2019

This year our 40 Hour Famine team decided to partake in several social actions within our school community and also our wider community.  These social actions were undertaken as part of the 40 Hour Famine annual nationwide social action that helps raise money for nations that are in dire need of resources to support their people to survivie.  This year the focus was on the South Sudan crisis in which many Sudanese have been displaced due to war and have taken refuge in Uganda.

Alongside the national 40 Hour Famine, the ‘NUA 40 Hour Famine’ committee also participated in the “40 acts of kindness” programme.  Our most significant “acts of kindness” consisted of us helping our school environment by picking up and disposing of any litter around the school and also helping in the library with chrome books and shelving books.  We also donated lunch to the ‘Share the Care Kai’ fridge, which provides free lunch for anyone in the school that may need it.

We also volunteered at Te Whānau rest home by visiting the rest home one Wednesday Period 5 in order to lend a helping hand by serving afternoon tea, giving residents hand massages and manicures and just being there to have a friendly chat to them.  As a group, we thoroughly enjoyed making a contribution that had an impact in our school and the wider community.

Tonga Ngaluafe
Year 12
40 Hour Famine Team

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