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Lighting Up The College

12 June 2019

Horowhenua College opened its doors in 1940 and is celebrated as the only secondary school built in NZ during WWII.  The iconic main building is also celebrated, being only one of two colleges in NZ with this unique architectural design.  78 years later we still celebrate and are very proud of this heritage building as it represents the many successful students who have passed through its doors over the years.

Recently, the Horowhenua District Council have completed their plan for future development of our town and the region.  Highlighting significant buildings contributes to the futuristic plan for the enchancement of our town.  HDC therefore generously provided a financial grant to install downlights across the college frontage.  The outcome is even better than expected.  Our thanks goes to HDC for enabling this to happen.  It is something for our whole town to be proud of.

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