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Forms and Applications

Getting a Visa

A Visa can be obtained in two ways:

  1. Students from some countries can come into New Zealand on a Visitor's Permit and then apply for a Student Visa. (NB. This only applies to some countries).
  2. Students can work through the following process:
    (a) Student sends Application for Tuition Form and Tuition Agreement Form to Horowhenua College.
    (b) College responds with an OFFER OF PLACE (This says we are happy for the student to come to our school.
    (c) This OFFER OF PLACE is sent to the nearest Immigration Office in the student's home country together with other details required by the Immigration Department.
    (d) The Immigration Department will then notify the student as to whether or not the application has been approved in principle.
    (e) If approved, the student notifies the College and pays to the College the full tuition and board fees for one year. The College then issues a receipt for the money.
    (f) The student then passes this receipt on to the Immigration Department so a full Visa can be issued.
    (g) The student must then advise the school as to when they are arriving in New Zealand and provide any other information which the College may request.


How to Enrol

Please send to us:

  1. Application for Tuition - Please also confirm family contact details to us by email:   horo.int@horowhenua.school.nz
  2. Student Profile form, and
  3. Tuition Agreement (signed by student's family)
  4. Waiver Form
  5. Termination of Responsibility
  6. Hazardous Activity Consent Form

We also have a policy for international students in the case of refunds. This may be downloaded under the forms below

Forms and Applications